This site is dedicated to the memory of Loren Joseph Herbert. Joey’s life was an extraordinary demonstration of difficulty, faith, humor, perseverance, and glory. Here, his memories are preserved and our memories are sweetened. If you are a guest who did not know Joey in his life, you will benefit from getting to know him after his death. His memoirs, though far less than the privilege of knowing him personally, display his character and personality quite accurately. The reason is that the same raw authenticity that marked Joey in his relationships also marked Joey in his writing. 

You are invited, no encouraged, to read his memoirs. Their power is not in Joey’s literary ingenuity, though he is frequently witty and thoroughly diligent. Their power is in their source. These are the memories of a young man who was gradually wasting away physically while his peers were in their prime. Yet he did not waste away personally, relationally, or spiritually. The source of these memoirs had a source himself. Joey preserved his thoughts, but the Holy Spirit of God preserved Joey.

Be entertained, fascinated, and challenged at a man who lost it all from a worldly perspective but who possessed the key to perseverance and victory.

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