Though an exact date is not available for all of Joey’s memoirs, the list below is essentially chronological.

God Is Watching Us

Hockey Happens

Enter Adversity

Honeybee Blitzkrieg


Dad’s Best Friend

Do-Over Leftover

Let It Be . . . Snowy

Removing the Training Wheels

The Loss of Papaw Bill

Falling Down

Answering God’s Call

Just for the Taste of It

An Unlikely Friend

Up in the Air

The “Jelly Bean”

Machine-Shop Mayhem

The Moonies

Winter Blunderland

Dad’s Final Battle

Ascending Phoenix

How Wally World Stole a Target Shopper

A Wild “Wild Cave Tour”

I Stepped in . . . Deep Blue Something

Care “Bear”

Think Fast!

Caught Pants Down

That’s the Fiery Pits

Ham and Scrabbled Brains

Great Grandma Margaret


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