Ham and Scrabbled Brains

I’ve always loved Scrabble. I love it even more now that my being deaf forces me to read a lot, which has significantly expanded my vocabulary. Unfortunately, it’s been hard for me to find somebody to Scrab with. To give you an idea about how often I’ve gotten to play Scrabble with someone, I’ve owned a Scrabble board since I was eleven-years-old, and my current Scrabble record is 7-2.

Those two losses on my Scrabble record both came from my good buddy and fellow Scrabble nut, Glenn. My Scrabble record against Glenn is 1-2. One of those loses came in a head-to-head match at his and his wife Amy’s apartment before this past New Year’s weekend.

Glenn picked me up from my apartment at noon the Friday before the New Year’s weekend. I was the only one home when he got here, so as we left, I asked him to lock the door. It’s always amusing watching people try to lock our back door, because there are about three keys on the keychain and they have to figure out which one is the correct key to use. Then they have to turn the key, which can be difficult for one that hasn’t lived here for twelve years, like I have. It took Glenn at least a minute to lock the door.

After Glenn closed the screen door, I joked, “Oh, shoot, I have to go back in to use the bathroom.”

Glenn definitely isn’t the type to throw a fit, so he looked at me with a smile, like, “Are you serious? After all that? Okay.”

I may or may not have let Glenn unlock the door so he’d have to turn right back around and relock it, but I couldn’t hold back the smile after seeing the look on his face.

I smiled and said, “Just playin’, man!”

After we arrived at Glenn & Amy’s apartment, Glenn immediately went to the closet in the dining area to get out his Deluxe Edition Scrabble board – which I love, because it has the ridges so that the tiles won’t slide everywhere. No more trash talking, it was time to settle it there on the dining-room table. Two men enter, one man leave. There can only be one Highlander.

On this day, I decided to ditch my normal Scrabble strategy for a supposedly better Scrabble strategy that I thought up. I guess I was hanging in there for a while, but Glenn finally told me about a strategy that he said would help.

I said, “Yeah, that’s what I usually do, but I’m trying something else today.”

During the game, Amy had made us some grilled ham & cheese sandwiches that tasted pretty good.

I asked Amy, “Is this ham left over from Christmas?”

After Amy told me that it wasn’t, Glenn told me, “No, it’s left over from Thanksgiving.”

I looked at Glenn and said, “Are you serious?”

Glenn laughed, because after I asked him if he was serious, I looked at my sandwich that I’d just taken a bite out of with this look on my face, like, “Um, okay.” But the ham was fresh. It was.

So Glenn and I finished up our game so he could get ready for work, and because of my new, sure-fire Scrabble strategy, he edged me by twenty points.

Moral of the Story: If you have a strategy that you know works, stick with it!

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