The Moonies

As time goes on, I remember less and less about the Summer Trip that I went on with the Youth Group in 1999. But there are just some things that I’ll remember until the day I die.

For this trip, I would be rooming with Aaron, Derek and Gabe. The morning after the first night of the trip, the first thing Kara asked me was, “Are they being good?” That led me to believe I was chosen to be the designated snitch.

That was fine, though, because everyone was on their best behavior for most of the trip.

I didn’t say “all of the time,” I said “most of the time.”

One afternoon towards the end of our stay in Denver, Colorado, Gabe went down the hall to get a bucket of ice. I was in the bathroom brushing my braces and teeth. As I was standing at the bathroom sink — which was next to the doorway — Aaron and Derek went to the door, turned their backs to the door, and pulled their shorts down just enough to expose their bare cheeks.

Derek whispered over to the bathroom, “Joey, when Gabe knocks, open the door.”

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Toothbrush and toothpaste still in my mouth, I stepped over to the door and cracked it to make sure it was Gabe. Sure enough, there stood Gabe with a bucket of ice. So I went ahead and swung the door wide open. There stood Gabe with a bucket of ice… and a maid with an armful of fresh towels.

Gabe yelled, “Man!” and continued to throw a fit over the sight of this rude display.

That poor maid asked, “Um… towels?” as her eyes darted every which way.

But I was standing at the sink, laughing so hard along with Aaron and Derek that I just had to go ahead and spit out the toothpaste.

I was almost sure that maid would rat on us and then we would get into some major trouble with Ray & Kara. But nothing was said, so I thought I would keep this incident on the down-low. After all, that’s a prank I’ll remember until the day I die.

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