“We started checking our shoes. Everyone was clean except me, Mr. White-KSwiss.” – I Stepped in . . . Deep Blue Something

“All of the miracles that Jesus performed while He dwelled on earth in the flesh have something in common: He took very little and created plenty. That’s what I wanted the Lord to do with me. I asked Jesus to come into my heart that Sunday, and I was baptized along with my little sister on the Sunday before Christmas of 1997. It was truly the best Christmas gift that I ever received.” – Answering the Call

“I have not turned my back on God through the many unfortunate events that have occurred in my life. I haven’t tried to bully God into delivering me from my sufferings by staying home from church and away from my Christian friends that needed me. I stayed active in the youth group. I was, for the most part, quiet as a youth, but I hope that my presence and participation inspired other students.” – Ascending Phoenix

“The strongest Christians are the ones that can keep their eyes on God in the midst of adversity, disregarding the negatives of their sufferings to consider what God is trying to teach them and how he is trying to strengthen them as Christians.” – Ascending Phoenix

“God could always use a big, shiny hammer, but every once in a while, He’ll need an old rusty saw. God’s favorite way to display His Glory is to display it through what the world considers weak.” – Care “Bear”

“Should I drink Coca-Cola when I’m skinny, then drink Diet Coke when I notice that I’m starting to pick up a few pesky pounds, then go back to Coca-Cola when my thighs stop jiggling?” – Just for the Taste of It

“A few steps later, my jeans were puddled around my ankles. I was standing there in my boxer shorts and holding onto my walker while my grandma just pointed and laughed at me.” – Caught Pants Down

“After what happened to Darren and the pain that it caused Dad, I always hoped that I’d improve on making friends, because you never know what tomorrow might bring . . . or take away.” – Dad’s Best Friend

“As I looked at Dad at his funeral, I constantly thought about what he had gone through in his lifetime before the day that God finally let him rest. I had inherited neurofibromatosis from Dad, so I constantly thought, ‘If something isn’t done about this stupid illness, is my life going to be as difficult? Is it going to be more difficult? How much longer will I have to endure this illness? Will my life end the same way that it did with my dad?’ But I also knew that I was a Christian, and no matter what I went through in this life, I’d one day be in a place so beautiful that it goes far beyond human imagination. I’d be in a place where there is no pain and suffering. I’d be in a place where I can walk beside the Lord. I’d be in a place where only love exists.” – Dad’s Final Battle

“One of my favorite words is ‘persevere.’ When I think of Dad, the word “persevere” almost always comes to my mind.” – Dad’s Final Battle

“I panicked, downed the milk, and continued to swear up-and-down that Dr. Goddy drank all of my milk when he came in to check on me.” – Do-Over Leftover

“My first spine surgery left a scar, but God gave me a do-over when He allowed me to walk again. The biopsy done on my right foot left scars, but God gave me a do-over when He allowed me to keep my foot and the ability to walk on it, and even continue to run and play like a kid again. Little did I know at the time, but God wanted to use my hardships to show me Jesus, the secret to getting those extra do-overs in life that I needed, and those scars would one day serve as a reminder of what it took for God to drive me to Jesus.” – Do-Over

“But my first operation gave me faith in God’s love and compassion. God can and will do anything if He thinks that it’s best. My first operation also gave me faith in God’s power. Some things may seem improbable, but they’re never impossible with the power of God.” – Enter Aversity

“Or perhaps instead of hating someone because they were different, they should have been thankful that whatever happened to that person didn’t happen to them.” – Falling Down

“Those things I mentioned weren’t memories, they were just material things that only someone selfish would think about at a time like that.” – The Loss of Papaw Bill

“Maw Maw was not only a hard worker, she was also a silent worker. She did not demand rewards from people, and she did not boast about how much work she had done. Her eyes were on the prize, and it is a prize that can be received only from the Lord.” Great Grandma Margaret

“I find that the best way to make myself feel less stupid in a situation like that is to tell people, ‘I do stuff like that all of the time, it makes my day more exciting.’” – Machine Shop Mayhem

“Brad wanted to get a Mazda Miata. I asked Brad, ‘Isn’t that a little car for girls?’” – Think Fast

That would be like us sending a man to the moon and back over thirty-years-ago but it still taking an elevator five minutes to travel between two floors.” – Up in the Air

“Okay, now how many guys out there find armpit hair uncomfortable? I mean, it eats up your deodorant, and especially in the summertime, you’ve got sticky, sweaty armpits staining up your shirts. And when you have a chance to hang out with your shirt off, the sweat just drips off of your armpit hairs like melting, brown icicles, doesn’t it? Or is it just me?” – That’s the Fiery Pits

“The berries in the container were blackberries, and Steven warned us of the havoc they’ll wreak in your lower abdomen if you eat too many of them. I shrugged off Steven’s warning and kept popping these blackberries into my mouth like they were aspirins.” – Hockey Happens

“Toothbrush and toothpaste still in my mouth, I stepped over to the door and cracked it to make sure it was Gabe. Sure enough, there stood Gabe with a bucket of ice. So I went ahead and swung the door wide open. There stood Gabe with a bucket of ice . . . and a maid with an armful of fresh towels.” – The Moonies

“I was so nervous that I forgot to tell Tiffany that she looked nice, I forgot to pull Tiffany’s chair out, and I forgot to pass the rolls.” – Removing the Training Wheels

“Either way, I have to constantly remind myself that girlfriend, or no-girlfriend, Jesus is King.” – The “Jelly Bean”

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